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What is OpenGL?

OpenGL refers to Open Graphics Library, is an application program interface ( API ) for building 2-D and 3-D graphic images., which was first released in 1992, from where it became a very popular tool which is used extensively in virtual reality, scientific visualization, video games etc. In simple words OpenGL is a technology which allows its user to develop 3D or 2D graphic images in order to be used in animation purposes.

OpenGL is extensively used in the field of Gaming and virtual reality, If you had played the famous game counter strike there also it has an option to choose OpenGL as a graphics option in some of its version, and when you choose OpenGL as your graphic option you will notice that its graphics has been optimized with clear and less rendered images.

You can also code some stuffs in opengl but for that you must have coding knowledge such as C or java. To get opengl you need to set an environment and for that we will require these following things-

  • dev-c++
  • libglut32.a
  • glut.h
  • glut32.dll

Here in this video I have described step by step that how to set environment for openGL



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