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8 reasons why SEO will be the best investment for your business

Search engine optimization is probably the most important and an organic(No money required means naturally) way to promote your business online, which needs constant analysis, planning and modification of your website on a regular basis. SEO is a very time consuming activity, obviously you cannot be ranked high on google in the first day only, you need to have some patience and need to follow the guidelines given by google. Here in this article I will tell that why SEO will be the best investment for you business.

  1. Importance of SEO

Now why SEO is so important? Let me explain you, SEO is like a virtual highways of the internet world, where each users are drivers and websites is a destination and search engines like google guide them to reach their desired destination. The amount of traffic generated by Search engines is really huge. According to statistics, 80% of the people in the United States use the internet regularly. Out of these, 97% use it to search for products that they eventually end up buying. Google research reveals that 10.3 billion searches are conducted online result in nine out of 10 product/business follow-ups. Based on the statistics, is the most visited website with around 80% of searches being conducted through this search engine alone followed by bing and yahoo. And India is the 2nd largest user of Googles search engine service. Beside Google there are other search engines also like bing from Microsoft and yahoo, by the way these two search engines shares less percentage in the overall search engine share which is below 20%. Apart from these there are country specific search engines also where google fails and one of the best example is BAIDU which is the main search engine of china. So now I hope you got a brief idea that why SEO is a very crucial part for a website

  1. Organic approach

Search engine optimization is an organic method means you don not have to pay money to get high ranking on Google like we do in search engine marketing, instead having a SEO friendly website, good relevant content, good reviews by customers, good and relevant links to your website will automatically boost your ranking. It totally depends on your performance the more better your performance is, the more good will be your ranking. But if you use bad techniques in order to boost your ranking, so that you can rank high in a very short time, than after some time google will detect your irrelevant behavior and will immediately rank you down, and from that point it is quite impossible to make a comeback, this type of SEO technique is known as BLACK HAT SEO where webmasters use bad and illegal ways in order to rank high on google within a short time.

So as you see SEO will reward you for your good and friendly behavior and at the same moment it can punish you too, and that’s why we say search engine optimization is an organic approach.


3.  Understanding people

This world has changed drastically in the past 20 years and internet being the most effective one. Internet changed the   lifestyle of people in many ways, 20 years before people were hardly familiar with the term internet, and now most of the people cant even imagine their life without internet.

Have a look at these figures-

The number of internet devices in 1984 were 1000

The number of internet devices in 1992 were 1000000

The number of internet devices in 2008 were 1000000000.

Another interesting fact, in 2006 there were 2.7 billion searches on google every month which is now has increased to 4.5 billion searches PER DAY I repeat PER DAY.

So you can imagine now how fast things has changed now, and this number is increasing day by day. In today’s world if a user have a query about anything he will first go to google to find a satisfactory solution, this is what happening all around the globe, internet is making its users self independent and smart, they don’t need to ask everyone for help instead they just need to do a google search.

So you as you have seen from the above statistics that internet is now a inseparable part of our life, people are using search engines extensively, so in order to success in SEO you need to think according to people, like how a person will make a query in google, what will be the keywords he or she will use while making a query, you should focus on all these points and make a list of keywords and use those keywords extensively in your campaign which will boost your ranking in search engines.


4. You can target whatever you want

SEO gives you the freedom and choice to target anything you want like you can target a specific community of people or you can target a specific place or you can target people on the basis of their interest. Now how can you target people? Your main tool to target people is your keyword, yes your keywords are very important if you want to target people. For example you will use keyword Delhi extensively if you want to target people of delhi, And you can even use negative keywords also if you dont want to target that place for instance if you dont want to sell your products in mumbai then in your negative keyword you will use mumbai, and by using this keyword information googles artificial intelligence will automatically sort search results and it will not show your results where ever people is searching for mumbai. So by targeting people you can ensure a valuable traffic and avoid useless traffic which will waste your time.

So see SEO provides you with such a great flexibility of targeting your audience through keywords.


5. Link building

link building became an important factor in the list of search engine ranking factors. This influence was so great that it gave rise to the practice of link building in the SEO world and even took it to a notorious, spammy and almost black hat domain of SEO techniques. Some SEO professionals and webmasters began to use link building in manipulative and deceptive ways to trick the algorithms into believing that they had more popularity and relevancy than they actually did.

And this is when Google decided that something had to be done, to bring things back to a link earning mentality and making SEOs and webmasters focus more on deserving links organically because of content and a diverse and committed user base.

Links constitute an important source of acquiring attention, traction and traffic from search engines, especially if you are building relationships with popular websites and have link partners with authority and trust. And thus, for SEO professionals, link building is an essential task when it comes to pursuing engine ranking and satisfactory traffic.

So if your websites has good quality links your Ranking will automatically improve in various search engines


6. Site Popularity

Popularity and a decent image in the market is a very important factor in maintaining SEO. If you have a good relevant and usefull backlinks, If your customers reviewed your service good you will automatically will rank high on google because google itself is in a business, google wants its customer to deliver the most relevant and trustworthy resluts to its users and if your website is not trsutworthy why would google reccomend it to its user. So its very important to maintan a decent and clean image in the community and always make your customers happy.

It is very important to konw that till you have customers or audience you will have your business, if there is no one to listen you, your business will automatically get collapse.

There is an old problem in philosophy, which goes like if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still make sound?

This internet is a big vast forest where millions of websites exists, so in order to stay in the competition you have to attract your audience and maintain a good relationship with your customers which will apparently increase your search engine Ranking.


8. Deliver the Value

As mentioned already there are millions of website in the internet and as a result you will have many competitors with whom you will compete for the same audience, so just putting content in your website is not at all enough, good content is also not enough, to rank high you should have extraordinary material. When your customer will pay you for a service they do demand a good expirience with you, but dont just give them good give them extraordinary something unique because your competitors will also give them good service so ask yourself what is special in your service? In order to rank high on google you need to have more customers and you also have to take care of their satisfaction. And if you have more happy customers they will act as a promoter for your company they will definately refer your comapny to their family and frinds and in order you will have more customers and again your rank will be high on google.

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